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To thank you for your support, you will receive a pdf document with the piano sheet selection level you choose (at present only sheets of level 1 and level 2 ) with high resolution for printing.

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Here some of the pieces of the selection (level 1):

* Beethoven "Russian song"
* Bohm "Rigaudom"
* Beyer "Etudes 38, 46, 47, 48...."
* Czerny "Etude 21"
* Diabelli "Bagatella"
* Haendel "Menuet"
* Mozart "Menuet"
* Schuber "Serenade"
* Offenbach "Can Can"
* Tchaikovsky "Swan lake"
* Wagner "Pilgrin´s Chorus"

and much more.......

Here some of the 58 pieces of this selection (level 2):

* Bach "Menuet"
* Beethoven "Ecossaise"
* Burgmuller "Arabesque"
* Beyer "Etudes 62, 67, 73, 78...."
* Clark "Tarantella"
* Haendel "Air and double"
* Pachelbel "Fuga"
* Rathgeber "Christmas Pastorale"
* Schubert "Waltz in A"
* Szymanows "Mazurka"
* Telemann "Menuet"

and much more.......

Here some of the 65 pieces of this selection (level 3):

* Bach "Menuets y Polonaises"
* Beethoven "Bagatella"
* Clementi "Allegro"
* Haydin "Piece for a musical clock"
* Kuhlau "Allegros"
* Mozart "Menuet K1, K2 y K3"
* Schubert "Waltz in C"
* Schumman "First Grief"
* Tchaikovsky "Old french melody"

With these easy sheets (starting from level 1) you will learn gradually to play with both hands, to correctly positioning your hands and find the correct timing in your performance.

Thank you for your help!

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