Felix Le Couppey

Born: April 14, 1811 - Paris, France
Died: July 4, 1887 - Paris, France
The French composer and pedagogue, Félix Le Couppey, was a pupil of the Paris Conservatoire, where, in his 17th year, he was an assistant teacher of harmony. In 1825 he obtained the 1st pianoforte prize, and in 1828 that for harmony and accompaniment.

In 1837 Félix Le Couppey became Professor of Solfège at Paris Conservatoire  until 1843, when he succeeded his master, Dourlen, as teacher of harmony and accompaniment until 1854. From 1854 to 1886 he was teacher of pianoforte. In this capacity he wrote many studies and similar things for his instrument. His work entitled Cours de instrument comprises A B C du piano; L'Alphabet; Le Progrès; L'Agilitée; Le Style; La Difficulté. He also wrote École du méchanisme du piano; L'Art du piano; De l'enseignement du piano; Conseils aux femmes professeurs (1865).

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